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Step 1: Type the quiz data in your word processor or text editor.

Step 2: Put your data in the box below.

- - (Default choice is a "Vocabulary List.")
NOTE There should be NO RETURNS before the first line of data.

NOTE There should be one and only one RETURN after the last line. If you get an error, this is the probably where you made your mistake.

Step 3: Choose one of the following

Step 4: Click the button to generate the quiz.

Step 5: Contribute the quiz to (Optional)

Paste the same data that you put in the above box into the web form, then click the "submit" button.


Save your original data file. You may want to use it again in the future. You can easily add or delete questions from the same file and re-generate the quiz.

If some characters are not displaying correctly, try changing the "##charset" variable.

Some Commonly-used Character Sets
ISO-8859-1 = English and some other European Languages 
ISO-8859-2 - Polish, Hungarian and some other European Languages 
Shift-JIS = Japanese 
EUC-KR - Korean 
KOI8-R - Russian 
windows-874 = Thai 
EUC-TW - Chinese 
Big5 - Chinese 

There are many more listed at:

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