Food and Food-Related Words

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  1. Lemons taste ___.
    a. salty
    b. sour
    c. bitter
    d. crunchy
    e. bland

  2. Potato chips are not ___.
    a. crisp
    b. salty
    c. crunchy
    d. juicy
    e. junk food

  3. Smooth foods don't include ___.
    a. crackers
    b. ice cream
    c. pudding
    d. whipped cream
    e. avocado

  4. In a restaurant, we normally eat an appetizer ___.
    a. after the entree
    b. just before dessert
    c. first
    d. last
    e. only if we are not very hungry

  5. If something is filling it is ___.
    a. the stuff inside a pie
    b. something that you eat, but you are still hungry
    c. delicious
    d. something that you eat and you feel full after eating it
    e. both a and d

  6. Finger food ___.
    a. makes your fingernails grow longer
    b. is only in eaten in countries where they don't have silverware
    c. is slang for a bad gesture
    d. is food you can politely eat with your hands
    e. is the name of a really tasty candy bar

  7. Light food is the opposite of ___.
    a. heavy food
    b. rich food
    c. bland food
    d. junk food
    e. health food

  8. If something is tasty, you ___.
    a. don't really enjoy eating it
    b. think it tastes good
    c. hate eating it
    d. only eat it for breakfast
    e. think it is unappetizing

  9. Spicy food includes ___.
    a. milk
    b. lemons
    c. chili peppers
    d. bananas
    e. hamburgers

  10. If milk is sour it is ___.
    a. delicious
    b. too old
    c. too fresh
    d. from a goat
    e. from a coconut

  11. A beverage is ___.
    a. Beverley's birthday
    b. something red
    c. an alcoholic drink
    d. any drink
    e. normally crunchy

  12. All of these are bitter except ___.
    a. black coffee
    b. strong tea without sugar or milk
    c. unsweetened baking chocolate
    d. pizza
    e. a and c

  13. Appetizing means ___.
    a. you would like to eat it
    b. the first course at a restaurant
    c. yucky
    d. tangy
    e. finger food

  14. Sweet foods don't include ___.
    a. cake
    b. pickles
    c. ice cream
    d. candy
    e. strawberries

  15. Rich food is always ___.
    a. salty
    b. crunchy
    c. dessert
    d. fattening
    e. expensive

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