North or Northern?

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  1. To go to Duluth from Minneapolis, you need to go ___ on 35.
    a. north
    b. northern

  2. I spent the summer of 1985 on the ___ coast.
    a. east
    b. eastern

  3. I'm going to Kansas next weekend so I have to travel ___ .
    a. south
    b. southern

  4. When people go camping, they go up ___.
    a. northern
    b. north

  5. Rochester is in the ___ part of Minnesota.
    a. south
    b. southern

  6. If you want to go to California, you need to go to the ___ part of the United States.
    a. west
    b. western

  7. Santa Claus lives at the ___ Pole.
    a. North
    b. Northern

  8. It will soon be cold in the ___ states.
    a. northern
    b. north

  9. Many famous people live on the ___ coast.
    a. western
    b. west

  10. Birds fly ___ for the winter.
    a. south
    b. southern
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