Vocabulary for University Students

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  1. Chris told us to hand in our term paper next Monday.

    a. to write our paper by hand
    b. to submit
    c. to correct
    d. to proof-read

  2. Professor Wilson is a wonderful teacher but there are too many assignments in his course.

    a. His marks are always low.
    b. There are too many books to read.
    c. He often gives homework.
    d. There are too many students in his course.

  3. Since I wanted to buy the new course catalog, I had to put in an order through the store manager.

    a. The store-manager didn't want to buy it.
    b. The course catalog was out of print.
    c. I had to ask for it to be bought for me.
    d. The computer was out of order.

  4. Did you know it's down to three of us for the job in the library?

    a. The three of us will be working in the library.
    b. There are only three applicants left.
    c. The library only hires three students.
    d. At least three students will be retained.

  5. I'll really have to hit the books this weekend.

    a. I have to tidy my room.
    b. There is a book fair this weekend.
    c. My books need a cover.
    d. I have to study.

  6. To major in astrophysics you need an extra math course.

    a. To get higher grades in astrophysics
    b. To specialize in astrophysics
    c. To finish your astrophysics paper
    d. To better understand the astrophysics course

  7. Did you know Mark was a sophomore?

    a. Mark is a second-year student.
    b. Mark majors in philosophy.
    c. Mark has a special grant.
    d. Mark's parents are both university professors.

  8. I haven't completed all the prerequisites for this course.

    a. I still have to fill in some papers.
    b. I have to finish some assignments.
    c. I haven't done enough research.
    d. I have to do some other courses first.

  9. This year I will need to find off-campus housing.

    a. I will live on the campus.
    b. I will buy a house next to the campus.
    c. I will live outside the campus.
    d. The campus will provide a house for me.

  10. Alice, if I were you, I'd skip the meeting.

    a. Alice should prepare for the meeting.
    b. Alice should put the meeting on her agenda.
    c. The meeting is going to be cancelled.
    d. Alice shouldn't bother to go to the meeting.

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