Use the Correct Present Tense Verb
is - are - has

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  1. Canada ___ famous for its sweet maple syrup.

  2. Antarctica ___ many icebergs.

  3. Three-quarters of the world's diamonds ____ mined in southern Africa.

  4. Southern Asia ___ the world's largest producer of tea.

  5. Australia ___ the world's flattest continent.

  6. There ___ more active volcanoes in the south-east Asia than any other area of the world.

  7. Southern Africa ___ large areas of rainforest.

  8. Three of the world's major religions began in the Middle East. They ___ Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

  9. There ___ twice as many pigs in Denmark as people.

  10. Nearly half of the world's corn ___ grown in the United States.

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