How to Cook an Omellete

Choose the correct verbs.
Click the answer button to see the answer.

  1. ___ the eggs in a large bowl.
    a. Add
    b. Beat
    c. Stir

  2. ___ in the tiger prawns, chicken and mushrooms.
    a. Add
    b. Mix
    c. Chop

  3. ___ the oil in a large frying pan.
    a. Heat
    b. Mix
    c. Stir

  4. ___ the mixture into the pan.
    a. Chop
    b. Pour
    c. Mix

  5. ___ the mixture until it is golden brown.
    a. Beat
    b. Add
    c. Cook

  6. ___ the omellete on a large plate.
    a. Put
    b. Mix
    c. Cook

  7. ___ the omellete into squares and serve it.
    a. Cut
    b. Chop
    c. Put

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