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  1. What do we call the first of November?
    a. All Saints' Day
    b. Halloween

  2. Halloween originated in ___.
    a. the USA
    b. England
    c. Ireland

  3. Which two are not symbols of Halloween?
    a. Black cats
    b. Witches
    c. Skeletons
    d. Pumpkins
    e. Fireworks
    f. Turkey

  4. A "jack o'lantern" is:
    a. a game
    b. a cartoon hero
    c. a carved pumpkin

  5. "Trick or treat" is ___.
    a. a movie that won an Oscar
    b. a computer game
    c. a Halloween phrase

  6. When children yell Halloween phrases they hold their ___ wide open.
    a. wallets
    b. bags
    c. mouths

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