Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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  1. Salt Lake City is the ___ of Utah.
    a. capitol
    b. capital
    c. capitals

  2. The Utah Jazz is the professional basketball __ in Salt Lake City and plays at the Delta Center.
    a. team
    b. teams
    c. the team

  3. Temple Square is in downtown Salt Lake City and ___ thirty-five acres.
    a. be covered
    b. covering
    c. covers

  4. The Beehive House was ___ in 1854 and was the official residence of Brigham Young.
    a. building
    b. built
    c. builds

  5. Salt Lake City international airport is seven miles from downtown and take about 15 minutes ___ car.
    a. by
    b. with
    c. on

  6. The Wasatch mountains are to the east ___ the Oquirrhs mountains are to the west of Salt Lake City.
    a. in
    b. and
    c. of

  7. The Mormom church has the ___ genealogical (family history) library in the world in Salt Lake City.
    a. largest
    b. large
    c. larger

  8. The largest university __ Salt Lake City is the University of Utah.
    a. on
    b. in
    c. [No word is needed.]

  9. There are nine ski resorts within about an ___ drive from Salt Lake City.
    a. hour
    b. hours
    c. hour's

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