Quiz - Salt Lake City Information

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  1. Salt Lake City is __ the state of Utah which is in the United States of America. The abbreviation for Utah is Ut.
    a. on
    b. in
    c. for
    d. by

  2. A good place to ___ information about Salt Lake City is at the Downtown Visitor Information Center.
    a. finds
    b. find
    c. found
    d. finding

  3. If you want to make a phone call to Salt Lake City, you need to ___ that the area code is (801).
    a. remember
    b. remembered
    c. remembering
    d. remembers

  4. Utah ___ in the Mountain Time Zone. Utah uses Daylight Savings Time from the first Sunday in April until the last Sunday in October.
    a. on
    b. for
    c. is

  5. The average ___ temperature of Salt Lake City in February is about 44 degrees Farenheit or about 7 degrees centigrade.
    a. higher
    b. highest
    c. high

  6. The average ___ temperature of Salt Lake City in February is about 25 degrees Farenheit or about -4 degrees centigrade.
    a. lower
    b. lowest
    c. low

  7. Salt Lake is home to the Utah Jazz NBA Basketball team. They ___ their games at the Delta Center.
    a. play
    b. plays
    c. playing

  8. The minimum ___ age for beer and liquor is 21 years old.
    a. drinking
    b. drinks
    c. drunk

  9. Safety belts are ___ by law in Utah and all occupants of private vehicles must be wearing safety belts.
    a. requiring
    b. required
    c. requires

  10. The sales tax ___ goods and services is 6.6%. (In the year 2002.)
    a. in
    b. for
    c. by

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