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  1. Utah is the eleventh ___ state in the United States.
    a. largest
    b. larger
    c. large

  2. Utah was ___ after the Native American tribe, the Utes.
    a. names
    b. named
    c. naming

  3. On January 4, 1896, Utah ___ the 45th state.
    a. becomes
    b. became
    c. become

  4. The Utah Jazz is the ___ basketball team in Salt Lake City.
    a. professional
    b. professionals
    c. profession

  5. King's Peak in the Uinta Mountain Range is 13,528 feet high and is the 7th ___ point in the United States.
    a. height
    b. higher
    c. highest

  6. Each state of the United States has a nickname. Utah is ___ as the Beehive State.
    a. known
    b. knows
    c. knowing

  7. Utah ___ a border with Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming.
    a. be shared
    b. sharing
    c. shares

  8. The Utah State Fair is ___ in Salt Lake City in September.
    a. helds
    b. hold
    c. held

  9. The largest salt lake in North America is in Utah and is ___ the Great Salt Lake.
    a. calling
    b. called
    c. calls

  10. Even though Utah is not ___ the ocean, the seagull is the state bird.
    a. nearly
    b. nears
    c. near

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