New Year's Eve Phrasal Verbs

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  1. One New Year's Eve, my neighbors asked me to come ___ to their house for a party.

  2. I invited my friend to go with me. At first he didn't want to go, but I talked him ___ it.

  3. We put ___ our party hats and went to the party.

  4. We showed ___ late.

  5. By the time we got there, they had already opened ___ a case of champagne.

  6. Everyone was getting ___ very well.

  7. The guests were talking ___ what they had done for the year.

  8. We thought ___ different things we wanted to do for the upcoming year.

  9. So we wrote ___ our New Year's Eve resolutions.

  10. As we counted ___ to the New Year, everyone started to get excited.

  11. At the stroke of midnight, the fireworks went ___.

  12. The sky was lit ___.

  13. At the party, my friend ran ___ his boss.

  14. So my friend took ___ as soon as he could.

  15. I got ___ home when the sun came ___.

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