Strange Expressions

Do you know what these idioms mean?
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  1. What does the expression "If I do not get a job soon, I will be up a creek" mean?

    a. I like to swim instead of work.
    b. Tomorrow, I will go to the creek to see if there is work there.
    c. I will be in trouble.
    d. I will be angry.
    e. I can not swim, and I can not get a job.

  2. What does the expression "out to lunch" mean when the person described is not literally having lunch?

    a. The person is eating.
    b. The person likes lunch and eats all day long.
    c. The person is uneducated.
    d. The person is not concentrating or focusing and seems weird.
    e. The person has a great sense of humor.

  3. If someone said, "You are the bomb!" she or he probably would be telling you:

    a. You have a bad temper.
    b. You are a war weapon.
    c. You are exceptional and/or wonderful.
    d. You are happy.
    e. You are dangerous.

  4. If I tell you my boss is "a snake in the grass," I most likely mean:

    a. My boss is tall.
    b. My boss is sneaky or deceitful.
    c. My boss likes to be outdoors.
    d. My boss eats mice.
    e. My boss is a wonderful human being.

  5. If you were to tell me to "get a move on it," you probably would be saying:

    a. Get a date for moving furniture.
    b. Get a stamp of approval on something.
    c. Jump up and down.
    d. Hurry up or go quickly.
    e. Mail a letter.

  6. When someone is described as being "flighty" that person described is probably:

    a. Light.
    b. Indecisive and unpredictable.
    c. Someone who loves flyng.
    d. Someone who flys kites.
    e. An airline pilot.

  7. What does it mean "to take down" an enemy?

    a. To take the enemy's pictures off the wall.
    b. To kill the enemy.
    c. To make friends with the enemy.
    d. To ignore the enemy.
    e. To unite with the enemy for a common goal.

  8. What does it mean when someone is described as being a "pill"?

    a. The person is difficult or bad-tempered.
    b. The person is sickly.
    c. The person is a doctor.
    d. The person is fun to work with.
    e. The person is wealthy.

  9. What does it mean to "live and let live"?

    a. To live forever.
    b. To stay alive as long as you can.
    c. To do what one wishes and let others do the same.
    d. To save dying animals.
    e. To resist aging.

  10. What does it mean to "ace a test"?

    a. To earn an "A" or "100%" on an exam or assignment.
    b. To skip the test.
    c. To fail the test even after studying.
    d. To play cards instead of taking the test.
    e. To throw the test away.

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