Spelling or Word Choice Questions

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  1. Most successful people usually start work at ___.
    a. down
    b. dawn

  2. Can you ___ me on this issue, please?
    a. advice
    b. advise

  3. Being very ___, his arguments could not be sustained.
    a. weak
    b. week

  4. I'm training this ___ for the next circus contest.
    a. warm
    b. worm

  5. They arrived early because they took the short ___ .
    a. cut
    b. cat

  6. He was about to drown when someone threw a ___ to him.
    a. boy
    b. buoy

  7. The little girl ___ so well that people compared her to a frog.
    a. hoped
    b. hopped

  8. We didn't go for a picnic that day because the ___ was bad.
    a. whether
    b. weather
    c. wether

  9. Which ___ do you think will win the cup?
    a. teem
    b. team

  10. It seems quite impossible to get ___ of this old bike.
    a. rid
    b. ride
    c. read

  11. She always goes to work ___ car.
    a. buy
    b. bye
    c. by

  12. This one is ___ easy.
    a. quite
    b. quiet
    c. quit

  13. Curious people are often referred to as ___.
    a. nosy
    b. nosey
    c. noisy

  14. There isn't enough ___ for everybody here!
    a. roam
    b. room

  15. Globalization will certainly ___ the developing countries.
    a. affect
    b. effect

  16. That gentleman is wearing a ___ on his head.
    a. hut
    b. hat

  17. In some countries, it is very complicated to ___ an orphan.
    a. adapt
    b. adopt

  18. I don't know ___ of these answers is the correct one.
    a. which
    b. wich
    c. wish

  19. Nobody could ___ the broken-down lorry to the garage.
    a. two
    b. tow
    c. too

  20. Drivers should take ___ of their vehicles.
    a. car
    b. care

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