Granada, Spain

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  1. Granada is one of ___ eight provinces in Andalusia, Spain.
    a. a
    b. an
    c. the

  2. Sierra Nevada is ___ excellent ski resort visited by thounsands of people every weekend.
    a. a
    b. an
    c. great

  3. La Alhambra is of the ___ interesting places to visit in Granada.
    a. more
    b. as
    c. most
    d. less

  4. The population ___ Granada is about a quarter of a million people.
    a. on
    b. of
    c. at

  5. The highest peak in Sierra Nevada ___ "Mulhacen", 3482 meters high.
    a. calls
    b. were called
    c. is calling
    d. is called

  6. There ___ more than 50,000 University students in Granada.
    a. is
    b. will is
    c. are
    d. was

  7. The University of Granada ___ by King Charles V in 1531.
    a. is founded
    b. founded
    c. was founded

  8. Baza, Guadix, Motril, Almu–ecar and Huescar are some of the ___ cities in the province.
    a. larger
    b. largest
    c. as large as

  9. El Generalife is ___ nice Arabic garden inside La Alhambra.
    a. a
    b. an
    c. the

  10. Granada Football Club ___ in the Second B National League.
    a. play
    b. playing
    c. plays

  11. You can find snow, sun, mountains and ___ in the province of Granada.
    a. beachs
    b. beaches
    c. beach

  12. Federico Garcia Lorca, born in the province of Granada, ___ in this city.
    a. living and write
    b. lives and wrote
    c. lived and wrote

  13. Lanjaron, a small village in the mountains, is famous ___ its pure and fresh water.
    a. by
    b. for
    c. because

  14. Las Alpujarras, a rocky area in Sierra Nevada National Park, is ___ relaxing and peaceful place to rest.
    a. an
    b. the
    c. a

  15. Christians, Muslims and Jews have lived peacefully in Granada ___ centuries.
    a. for
    b. since
    c. ago
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