Phrasal Verbs

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  1. 1. You have to ___ your younger brother since mother is not at home.
    a. take care
    b. take after
    c. look after

  2. You have to ___ the registration form in order to use that website.
    a. carry on
    b. fill in
    c. keep up

  3. David, please ___ these books ___ to the libarary.
    a. take / back
    b. take / off
    c. take / out

  4. If it rains, they will have to ___ the picnic.
    a. go through
    b. put off
    c. set off

  5. I like ___ the radio.
    a. listening at
    b. listening for
    c. listening to

  6. Peter, when do you ___ in the morning?
    a. get over
    b. get on
    c. get up

  7. When the dinner dishes were ___, they played cards at the table.
    a. cleared away
    b. kept away
    c. took away

  8. The fight ended when one boxer ___ the other one.
    a. knocked at
    b. knocked in
    c. knocked out

  9. 'Can I ___ this pair of shoes ___?' Ken asked the shop manager.
    a. get / on
    b. take / on
    c. try / on

  10. Have you seen my pen? I'm ___ it.
    a. looking for
    b. looking forward
    c. looking into

This quiz was written by Rebecca Ong's CYT Class 2D I (cyt- 8ocw@cyt.hkcampus.net)
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