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  1. Maine was not one of the first thirteen ___ colonies which banded together against the British government to become the United States of America. It was part of Massachusetts Bay colony at first.

    a. originally
    b. origination
    c. original

  2. Maine ___ the 23rd state of the United States in 1820. Maine's statehood was part of an agreement called the Missouri Compromise, which was about ending slavery. Maine was admitted as a free state and Missouri as a slave state. There was a balance of type of states, which was the compromise.

    a. becomes
    b. became
    c. becoming

  3. The city of Eastport, Maine, is the most eastern city ___ the United States. The city is considered the first place in the United States to see the morning sun.

    a. around
    b. on
    c. in

  4. Maine is the only state that shares its border ___ only one other state, New Hampshire. All other states either share no borders, such as Alaska or Hawai'i, or share more than one border.

    a. at
    b. of
    c. with

  5. Maine lobsters have won international fame for their flavor and contribution to the culinary world. "The Iron Chef" TV show sometimes uses Maine lobsters. Approximately 57,000,000 pounds (nearly 90 percent) of the US lobster supply was caught off the coast of Maine in 2000. This number, written in English is ___.

    a. fifty-seven thousand
    b. fifty-seven million
    c. fifty-seven billion

  6. Freeport, Maine, is the ___ of the L.L. Bean Company, known internationally for their high quality outdoor clothing.

    a. house
    b. haven
    c. home

  7. Maine is a ___ industrial state; the leading manufacturing activities are wood and paper products, transportation and electrical equipment, sardines and other canned goods, and textiles. Agriculture is also important, but long Maine winters stop much farming.

    a. mostly
    b. somewhat
    c. slightly

  8. The world's first Total Abstinence Society was founded in Portland, Maine, in 1815. Abstinence (in this case) refers to "no alcohol." There were "no alcohol" laws in Maine from 1845 to 1934. Another word that describes a group of drinks similar to alcohol is ___.

    a. tea
    b. liquor
    c. water

  9. Maine has two ___ sports teams. The Portland Pirates play hockey in the American Hockey League and the Portland Sea Dogs play baseball in the minor American Association Eastern League.

    a. professional
    b. professing
    c. professors

  10. A famous person from Maine is George J. Mitchell of Waterville, Maine. He was Senator from Maine from 1980 until his retirement from Congress in 1994. Mitchell is famous for making a peace treaty in Northern Ireland in 1998. Mitchell ___ for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in Ireland.

    a. was nominated
    b. nominated
    c. nominating

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