Rhode Island

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  1. Rhode Island is the ___ state in the United States. North to south it measures 77km [48 miles], and east to west it measures 60km [37 miles].

    a. smaller
    b. smallest
    c. small

  2. Rhode Island ___ an island. It has land borders with Connecticut and Massachusetts.

    a. would never
    b. is not actually
    c. can't been

  3. The Rhode Island state flower is the violet. The Rhode Island state bird is the Rhode Island Red Hen. Rhode Island is the ___ state to have a chicken as its state bird.

    a. only
    b. unique
    c. singular

  4. Rhode Island was created by a ___ of exiles from Boston. They were banned for protesting the religious intolerance of the Puritans in Boston. Rhode Island was the first colony to welcome both Jews and Quakers.

    a. herd
    b. clutch
    c. group

  5. Rhode Island was the first American colony to declare independence from Great Britain in May 4, 1776. Rhode Island ___ to approve the American Constitution and take part in the new government until Congress agreed to add a bill of rights. RI was the last colony to sign the Constitution on May 29, 1790.

    a. refused
    b. refusing
    c. refuse

  6. Many people enjoy ___ in department stores. In 1953, the first discount department store in the United States opened in Cumberland, Rhode Island, named "Ann and Hope." The name was from a famous sailing ship, which was named for the wives of important early Rhode Islanders.

    a. shop
    b. shopped
    c. shopping

  7. Golf is a very ___ sport. Rhode Island was home to the first open golf tournament (1895).

    a. handsome
    b. popular
    c. hand some

  8. Knives, forks and spoons ___ are called silverware. The largest manufacturer of silverware in the world is in Providence, Rhode Island. The plant started in the early 1800's.

    a. collectively
    b. collection
    c. collect

  9. There is a notable toy company in Providence, RI. Two brothers, Henry and Helal Hassenfeld, founded Hassenfeld Brothers in 1923. The name was too long, so they ___ it to Hasbro. A. shorted

    a. shorted
    b. shortening
    c. shortened

  10. The Hasbro company makes many distinguished toys and games. A famous toy is Mr. Potato Head. A popular game is "Monopoly". Another word that means "famous" is ___.

    a. well-known
    b. infamous
    c. obscure

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