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  1. Arkansas ___ as AR-KAN-SAW, not as AR-KAN-ZUS.
    a. pronounces
    b. is pronouncing
    c. is pronounced

  2. The capital of Arkansas, Little Rock, is ___ the Arkansas River.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. at

  3. Arkansas is known ___ the home of former president, Bill Clinton.
    a. for
    b. with
    c. by
    d. as
    e. during

  4. The ___ universities in the state are the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University.
    a. majority
    b. majoring
    c. major

  5. The Ozark Mountains form one region of the state ___ is famous for its country music.
    a. what
    b. of which
    c. which
    d. where
    e. of that

  6. The Mississippi River ___ the eastern border of the state.
    a. farms
    b. formed
    c. is formed by
    d. forms

  7. Arkansas was ___ part of the Louisiana Purchase which belonged to France.
    a. origin
    b. originally
    c. original

  8. President Thomas Jefferson ___ the purchase of this land from France.
    a. negotiated
    b. was negotiated
    c. negotiates

  9. Cotton and rice are grown in this ___ state.
    a. south
    b. southerly
    c. southernmost
    d. southern
  10. If you want to visit Arkansas, spring or fall are ___ seasons for tourists to visit.
    a. a better
    b. a best
    c. best
    d. the best

  11. The people here are friendly and the friendships are ___ .
    a. last
    b. lasting
    c. everlastingly
    d. the last

  12. Fried catfish is a ___ food in this state.
    a. popular
    b. popularity
    c. populous
    d. popularly

  13. Walmart ___ in this state as an enterprise of the Walton family.
    a. begins
    b. have begun
    c. began

  14. There are more ___ of Native Americans in this state than in almost any other state.
    a. remainings
    b. reminder
    c. remains
    d. remembrance

  15. To the south ___ the state of Louisiana.
    a. lies
    b. lays
    c. is lying
    d. lied

  16. Arkansas is a major poultry ___ state, raising millions of chickens and turkeys.
    a. productive
    b. products
    c. produced
    d. producing

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