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  1. Hawaii is the ___ of the fifty states.
    a. new
    b. newest
    c. newer
  2. The world's ___ active volcano, Kilouea, is on the big island of Hawaii.
    a. largest
    b. large
    c. larger
  3. Surfing ___ invented in Hawaii and the Banzai Pipeline is the most famous surfing place.
    a. were
    b. was
    c. is
  4. The only royal palace ___ the United States is on the island of Oahu.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. at
  5. The island of Kauai has been used to make ___ movies. Jurassic Park was made on Kauai.
    a. a
    b. many
    c. much
  6. Until 1921, Waikiki ___ a flat marshy field used for growing taro plants.
    a. is
    b. was
    c. were
  7. In the Koolau mountains on the island of Oahu is Byodo-in Temple an ___ replica of the one in Kyoto, Japan.
    a. exactly
    b. exact
    c. exacted
  8. Whale ___ is a popular attraction on the island of Maui.
    a. looking
    b. seeing
    c. watching
  9. A luau is a big beach dinner where the main ___ is a pig cooked on rocks in the ground.
    a. courses
    b. course
  10. The hula is a ___ done by both men and women in Hawaii.
    a. dancing
    b. dance
    c. danced
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