West Virginia

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  1. West Virginia is ___ mountain state.
    a. an
    b. the
    c. a

  2. The Ohio River ___ West Virginia from the state of Ohio.
    a. separating
    b. separate
    c. separates

  3. "Country Roads" is a popular song ___ West Virginia.
    a. at
    b. about
    c. of

  4. The Ohio River is one of the most important rivers ___ the United States.
    a. on
    b. at
    c. in

  5. Coal mining is an ___ industry in West Virginia.
    a. importance
    b. importing
    c. important

  6. Barges ___ coal go down the Ohio River every day.
    a. carries
    b. carried
    c. carrying

  7. "Mountaineers ___ always free" is the motto of West Virginia.
    a. is
    b. be
    c. are

  8. Charleston is the capital ___ West Virginia.
    a. on
    b. at
    c. of

  9. The cardinal is ___ West Virginia state bird.
    a. an
    b. a
    c. the

  10. West Virginia is ___ the Appalachian Mountain Range.
    a. at
    b. on
    c. in

  11. ___ are many small mountain villages in West Virginia.
    a. They
    b. Them
    c. There

  12. There are many chemical companies ___ Charleston.
    a. nearest
    b. many
    c. near

  13. Charleston and Huntington ___ the two largest cities in the state.
    a. be
    b. are
    c. is

  14. The dome ___ the state capital is gold plated.
    a. in
    b. from
    c. on

  15. Every summer concerts are ___ at the Riverfront Park in Huntington.
    a. hold
    b. holding
    c. held

  16. If you like to snow ski, you would ___ the skiing in West Virginia.
    a. enjoys
    b. enjoying
    c. enjoy

  17. Tourists ___ to West Virginia from many states to ski in the winter.
    a. coming
    b. comes
    c. come

  18. Hiking trails in the mountains are popular with ___.
    a. hiking
    b. hiked
    c. hikers

  19. The speed limit ___ Interstate 77 is 65 miles an hour.
    a. in
    b. at
    c. on

  20. West Virginia has a law ___ motorist to wear seat belts.
    a. requires
    b. required
    c. requiring

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