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  1. Ireland is ___ of Britain.
    a. west
    b. next to
    c. near

  2. The capital ___ Ireland is Dublin.
    a. of
    b. in
    c. at

  3. The population of Dublin is about one million, ie. ___ .
    a. 100,000
    b. 10,000,000
    c. 1,000,000

  4. There are three cows for every ___ in Ireland.
    a. person
    b. people
    c. cattle

  5. The most popular ____ rock band is U2.
    a. Irelandish
    b. Irelandese
    c. Irish

  6. Ireland has many pubs and only a ___ of them are empty.
    a. many
    b. few
    c. little

  7. Irish traditional ___ uses many instruments including violin, accordian and oileann pipes.
    a. cooking
    b. music
    c. doctors

  8. The most common language in Ireland is ___ .
    a. English
    b. Icelandic
    c. Irish

  9. ____ to the law, the first language of Ireland is Irish.
    a. According
    b. By
    c. Under

  10. The ___ of Ireland is Celtic.
    a. culture
    b. climate
    c. currency

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