State of Pennsylvania

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  1. Harrisburg ___ as the capital of Pennsylvania in 1812.
    a. choose
    b. was chosen
    c. chosen
  2. Pennsylvania ___ as the Keystone State.
    a. is known
    b. is knowing
    c. has known
  3. The state animal ___ the ruffed grouse.
    a. were
    b. are
    c. is
  4. Pennsylvania ___ into 67 parts called counties.
    a. is divided
    b. made
    c. put
  5. On December 12, 1787, Pennsylvania became the ___ state of the union.
    a. twice
    b. two
    c. second
  6. William Penn was required ___ two bear skins every year to King Charles II for the land of Pennsylvania.
    a. paid
    b. paying
    c. to pay
  7. The city of Pittsburgh is best known for ___ steel.
    a. is making
    b. making
    c. did make
  8. One of the worst disasters of the United States was a flood that occured in the city of Johnstown ___ 1889.
    a. from
    b. during
    c. about
  9. Mount Davis is 3,213 feet above sea level which makes it the ___ point in Pennsylvania.
    a. longest
    b. widest
    c. highest
  10. Erie is the northernmost city ___ Pennsylvania.
    a. in
    b. around
    c. about
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