How to See America

A Verb-Form Exercise

Read the text carefully and change the verbs to the correct form.
Then click on the button to see if you got the right answer.

What is the best way to the United States? The best way on how much you want , what part of the country you want , what you want along the way, and how much time you . Sometimes a combination of many different ways of transportation the best. Flying is the fastest and possibly the least expensive way America. If you a round trip ticket to the United States, many airline companies special tickets that let you at a big discount. Although air travel is the fastest, it you very much except clouds when you are If you the country from the ground, you should a bus. For short trips around a city or to a national park, a rental car a good idea.

This is an excerpt from the book Useful Things by Charles Kelly & Larry Kelly, Copyright (C) 1986

Copyright (C) 1997 by Charles Kelly
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