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  1. Ontario is one ___ Canada's ten provinces.
    a. of
    b. in
    c. for
    d. at
  2. Ontario is ___ between Quebec and Manitoba.
    a. locating
    b. locates
    c. locate
    d. located
  3. Ontario has the ___ population of any of Canada's provinces.
    a. large
    b. largest
    c. larger
    d. enlarge
  4. The capital city of Canada, Ottawa, ___ in Ontario.
    a. was
    b. are
    c. to be
    d. is
  5. English, not French, is ___ language spoken by most people in Ontario.
    a. the
    b. a
    c. our
    d. one
  6. Toronto,the biggest city in Canada,is ___ capital city.
    a. Ontario
    b. Ontarios
    c. Ontario's
    d. Toronto's
  7. The population of Ontario is ___ ten million.
    a. about
    b. of
    c. the
    d. in
  8. Many people think ___ Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful places in Ontario.
    a. which
    b. where
    c. this
    d. that
  9. The border ___ Ontario and the USA runs through the five Great Lakes.
    a. around
    b. among
    c. between
    d. beside
  10. Southern Ontario is further south ___ some American states.
    a. than
    b. that
    c. to
    d. of
  11. Every year more than half of Canada's immigrants ___ to Ontario.
    a. goes
    b. go
    c. went
    d. become
  12. The largest city in Canada,Toronto Ontario, has ___ population of about 4.5 million.
    a. a
    b. an
    c. the
    d. some
  13. ___ than one third of Canada's 30 million people live in Ontario.
    a. About
    b. Around
    c. Over
    d. More
  14. The official flower of Ontario is the white Trillium, a beautiful flower ___ three petals.
    a. has
    b. for
    c. with
    d. is
  15. Ontario, the second largest province ___ size, is more than three times the size of Japan.
    a. of
    b. in
    c. at
    d. on
  16. There ___ many resorts,camping grounds,and good places to fish on Ontario's vast number of lakes and rivers.
    a. is
    b. have
    c. exist
    d. are
  17. The Saint Lawrence Seaway which consists ___ the Saint Lawrence River, a system of canals and locks, and the Great Lakes allows ocean going boats to sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the western border of Ontario.
    a. of
    b. in
    c. for
    d. on
  18. In Huron, the language of one of Canada's native peoples, the ___ Ontario means large lake.
    a. phrase
    b. language
    c. preposition
    d. word
  19. Many people think of Canada ___ a mountainous country but the highest point in Ontario is only about 690 metres above sea level.
    a. of
    b. to be
    c. as
    d. is
  20. Ontario's strong, diversified economy includes mining, forestry, farming, construction, manufacturing, tourism, as ___ as financial services.
    a. good
    b. much
    c. far
    d. well
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