The Definite Article" (the), the Indefinite Article" (a or an) or the Zero Article" (-)

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  1. Taiwan was called "Isla Formosa" by ___ Dutch

  2. ___ first Presidential election was March 23, 1997.

  3. There are many ___ earthquakes in Taiwan every year.

  4. Taiwan has ___ strong economy.

  5. ___ Taipei is the capital of Taiwan.

  6. Taiwan is ___ island.

  7. ___ large mountain range runs down the center of Taiwan.

  8. Taiwan is ___ industrialised country.

  9. Taiwan is ___ tropical island.

  10. ___ language and culture of Taiwan is Chinese.

  11. Another name for Taiwan is ___ Republic of China.

  12. Taiwan is ___ democratic country.

  13. Chinese New Year is ___ important holiday in Taiwan.

  14. Taiwan has ___ population of 22,000,000 people.

  15. ___ Tropic of Cancer crosses Taiwan.

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