The country of Taiwan is a group of 86 small islands. The main island which is also called Taiwan, the Penghus ( the pescadores) which has 64 islands, and 21 other islands. The country is situated off the coast of Mainland China, about halfway between Hong Kong and Japan. It has a total land area of 36,000 square kilometers and a population of about 22,000,000 people.

The main island comprises 98% of the land area or 35,280 square kilometers. The island is long and thin, running almost directly north and south. It is 390 kilometers (250 miles) long and 140 kilometers (90 miles) at it's widest point. The Tropic of Cancer crosses Taiwan making the northern two-thirds of the island subtropical and the southern third tropical. There is a large mountain range running down the center of the island. The tallest mountain in Taiwan is Yu Shan or Mount Jade. It is 3,952 meters (12,966 feet) high.

  1. What country does the article talk about?

    a. China
    b. Japan
    c. Taiwan
    d. Hong Kong

  2. Where is Taiwan?

    a. Next to Japan
    b. Between Japan and Hong Kong
    c. Between China and Hong Kong

  3. What is Taiwan's Highest mountain?

    a. Tropic of Cancer
    b. Mountain Range
    c. Jade Mountain

  4. Where does the mountain range run?

    a. From Hong Kong to Japan
    b. Across Taiwan
    c. Down the center of Taiwan

  5. How wide is Taiwan?

    a. 390 kilometers
    b. 140 kilometers
    c. 250 kilometers

  6. What is the land area of the main island of Taiwan?

    a. 35,280 square kilometers
    b. 22,000 square kilometers
    c. 86,000 square kilometers

  7. What crosses Taiwan?

    a. Mainland China
    b. Yu Shan
    c. The Tropic of Cancer

  8. How high is Jade Mountain?

    a. 390 kilometers
    b. 14,000 square kilometers
    c. 3,952 meters

  9. How many islands make up the Pescadores?

    a. 64 islands
    b. 86 islands
    c. 21 islands

  10. What is the population of Taiwan?

    a. 86,000,000
    b. 22,000,000
    c. 36,000,000

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