Peace, Order and Good Government In Canada

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  1. Who is responsible for major structural repairs in most provinces, the tenant _____ the landlord?
    a. and
    b. or
    c. but
  2. Believe it _____ not, most provinces make the tenant responsible for major repairs.
    a. and
    b. or
    c. but
  3. In the case of minor problems like plugged drains, who is responsible _____ repairs, the landlord or the tenant?
    a. for
    b. to
    c. of
  4. The landlord must take care _____ minor repairs.
    a. for
    b. to
    c. of
  5. In most provinces, a landlord is _____ to enter without the tenant's permission under what circumstance?
    a. allowed
    b. allowing
    c. allows
  6. If the rent is _____ for six months in Newfoundland, sixty days in Alberta and Saskatchewan and fifteen days in the rest of Canada, a landlord may enter the premises without permission.
    a. unpaying
    b. unpay
    c. unpaid
  7. In which province _____ you pass a test and hold an operator's permit in order to drive a snowmobile?
    a. may
    b. must
    c. might
  8. What kind of lights are required _____ snowmobiles operating _____ Canada?
    a. for, at
    b. in, by
    c. on, in
  9. What three things must a Canadian School bus do at _____ railroad crossing?
    a. all
    b. every
    c. some
  10. The bus must stop, open the door and listen _____ a train, and not shift gears when crossing the tracks.
    a. to
    b. for
    c. hear
  11. What _____ the legal age to vote in federal elections?
    a. does
    b. has
    c. is
  12. A legal voter is at _____18 years old.
    a. least
    b. loss
    c. less
  13. Can a member of the Canadian Armed Forces vote _____ if he or she is under 18?
    a. still
    b. yet
    c. even
  14. Yes, if the person is old _____ to fight for the country he or she is old _____ to vote.
    a. enough, enough
    b. as, as
    c. for, for
  15. Which parent has the legal responsibility for education and maintenance of children _____ the age of 16?
    a. till
    b. until
    c. upper
  16. For the _____ part, the heavier responsibility is placed on the father.
    a. much
    b. most
    c. more
  17. In Canadian law, what _____ the "tender years" doctrine?
    a. are
    b. is
    c. have
  18. Young children should remain with their mothers in custody cases _____ there are strong arguments against it.
    a. unless
    b. if
    c. even
  19. Which province has the _____ "school leaving" age?
    a. young
    b. youngest
    c. younger
  20. Nova Scotia allows 14-year olds to quit school _____ other provinces make children wait until they are 16.
    a. since
    b. moreover
    c. whereas
  21. Which provinces _____ children to be excused from school to work on the family farm?
    a. allow
    b. allows
    c. allowing
  22. New Brunswick, Ontario and British Columbia each _____ its students to miss school.
    a. allow
    b. allows
    c. allowing
  23. Is a Canadian pint larger or smaller _____ an imperial pint?
    a. as
    b. of
    c. than
  24. It is _____. A Canadian pint is 12 fluid ounces and an official pint is 20 fluid ounces.
    a. small
    b. smaller
    c. smallest
  25. At what age is it illegal for a Canadian child to take as _____ as a puff of a cigarette?
    a. much
    b. many
    c. few
  26. Until the age of 15, Canadian children cannot legally smoke _____ form of tobacco.
    a. some
    b. any
    c. every
  27. In which province can a shop keeper _____ fined $100 for selling cigarettes to a 16 year old?
    a. have
    b. is
    c. be
  28. Shop keepers in Ontario may not sell cigarettes to children 16 years or _____.
    a. younger
    b. older
    c. higher
  29. Is it legal for a cook or a waitress _____ a cigarette while preparing or serving food in Canada?
    a. have smoked
    b. smoking
    c. to smoke
  30. No. Serving or cooking food while _____ is a violation of public health standards. It could result in the loss of a restaurant license.
    a. have smoked
    b. smoking
    c. to smoke
  31. Why is it illegal for girls under 16 to work outside the home _____ 6 p.m. but it is legal for boys who are 12 years or older to work until 9 p.m.?
    a. since
    b. after
    c. later
  32. This discrepancy is to accommodate newspaper delivery which very often is _____ by boys younger than 16.
    a. bing done
    b. doing
    c. done
  33. In Ontario, a child must be how old to legally be in a movie theatre or some other entertainment spot without a parent _____ 10 p.m. and 6 a.m?
    a. between
    b. from
    c. among
  34. _____ alone at an entertainment spot, a person must be 16 or older.
    a. Being
    b. To be
    c. Stay
  35. If a policeman stops you ___ the street in Canada, can he ask your name and address?
    a. at
    b. in
    c. on
  36. No, he can only ask you what _____ doing there.
    a. are you
    b. you
    c. you are
  37. Can a Canadian policeman ask _____ your wallet and look at the contents?
    a. for
    b. see
    c. about
  38. Only when you are _____ a motor vehicle can a police officer request your wallet and search the contents. In all other cases, he may not do so.
    a. driven
    b. driving
    c. drove
  39. In Canada, _____ is a Magistrate properly addressed?
    a. what
    b. how
    c. wherein
  40. A magistrate _____ be called "Your Worship".
    a. should
    b. could
    c. would
  41. In Canada, what _____ be the correct way to address a Judge?
    a. should
    b. could
    c. would
  42. A judge _____ be addressed "Your Honor".
    a. should
    b. could
    c. would
  43. In Canada, what _____ the proper ways to address a Superior Court Justice?
    a. is
    b. are
    c. does
  44. A Superior Court Justice _____ be called either "Your Lordship" or "My Lord".
    a. should
    b. could
    c. would
  45. How _____ jurors are needed for civil suits in Saskatchewan?
    a. much
    b. many
    c. number of
  46. Twelve jurors are needed for a jury in a Saskatchewan civil trial. Other provinces _____ from five to nine jury members.
    a. vary
    b. varies
    c. varied
  47. Who _____ exempt from jury duty in Canada?
    a. is
    b. are
    c. has
  48. Members of the Armed Forces, doctors, members of the press and clergy _____ not required to serve on a jury.
    a. is
    b. are
    c. has

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