Death and Taxes in Canada

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  1. In what cases may a _____ make a will in Canada?
    a. miner
    b. minor
    c. meiner
  2. If a _____ is a member of the Canadian Armed forces on active duty, a sailor at sea or married, he or she may make a will.
    a. miner
    b. minor
    c. meiner
  3. In Canada, if a person dies and has no will, what happens to _____ estate?
    a. a
    b. an
    c. the
  4. In most cases, the spouse and dependents get everything that is left, including _____ items after taxes are paid. If there is no family or relatives, the government gets it.
    a. personal
    b. personnel
  5. What happens if someone _____ and there are two wills?
    a. dies
    b. dyes
    c. dais
  6. Both wills are _____ as long as they do not contradict each other. If there is some dispute, the most recent one is _____.
    a. ballad
    b. valid
    c. ballot
  7. A wife may not act _____ a witness for her husband's will in which province?
    a. for
    b. in
    c. as
  8. In which provinces in Canada is it possible to _____ a will that leaves your family in poverty?
    a. rite
    b. right
    c. write
  9. In Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland _____ possible to cut the family out of a will. In all of the other provinces a minimal amount or percentage of the estate must be left to family members, by law.
    a. it's
    b. its
  10. If you die without a will in Alberta and have no surviving relatives, what happens to _____ estate?
    a. you're
    b. yore
    c. your
  11. _____ in other provinces the government takes the assets, in Alberta, the University of Alberta becomes the beneficiary.
    a. Whereas
    b. Since
    c. However

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