Wild West, Town and Country in Canada

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  1. What kinds of _____ are best avoided in cold weather?
    a. clothes
    b. cloths
    c. close
  2. The best _____ would be not to wear tight clothing that cuts circulation of blood to hands and feet.
    a. advise
    b. advice
  3. During the winter, why _____ some Canadians leave their bath water in the tub after they are finished with it?
    a. are
    b. do
    c. make
  4. The warm water will heat the house a bit. By _____ the water, all of the heat just goes into the sewer pipes.
    a. draining
    b. drained
    c. drains
  5. In _____Canada, at what time is dinner served?
    a. west of
    b. western
    c. west
  6. Around 1 o'clock in the afternoon _____ the usual time for dinner.
    a. is
    b. was
    c. has
    d. had
  7. In _____ Canada lunch can be served at noon and at what other time?
    a. west of
    b. western
    c. west
  8. Before bed at night, or around 11 o'clock at night _____ a wedding dance.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. at
  9. What is the proper way to _____ in cold weather?
    a. breathe
    b. breath
  10. _____ in through the nose and out through the mouth to heat the air before it hits the lungs.
    a. Breathe
    b. Breath
  11. Which _____ of these woods (pine, ash, oak or poplar) leave the most creosote in your woodstove?
    a. to
    b. too
    c. two
  12. Pine and poplar, like all soft woods make _____ creosote than do hard woods like oak or ash.
    a. much
    b. many
    c. more
  13. When should you not water _____ horse?
    a. you're
    b. yore
    c. your
  14. Do not water a horse after it eats and immediately after exercise when _____ hot and sweaty.
    a. it's
    b. its
  15. Why should cowboy boots be _____ with silicone inside?
    a. spraying
    b. sprayed
  16. _____ the boots makes them easier to put on or take off and reduces foot odor.
    a. Spraying
    b. Sprayed
  17. In Canada, what does STOP, DROP and _____ refer to?
    a. ROLE
    b. ROLL
  18. Canadian fire department officials instruct school children to lie down and _____ their bodies on the ground or floor if their clothes or hair catch fire.
    a. role
    b. roll
  19. According to many Canadians, what is a good _____ allowance for a 14 year old?
    a. weakly
    b. weekly
  20. Many Canadians say that by the age of 14 teenagers should earn _____ own spending money.
    a. their
    b. they're
    c. there

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