Love and Marriage in Canada

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  1. In Quebec, a wife is expected by law to live wherever her husband chooses _____ in what circumstance?
    a. accept
    b. except
    c. expect
  2. If the place is dangerous, she is under no _____ to live there.
    a. obligement
    b. obliging
    c. obligation
  3. In which province must a prospective bride and groom _____ that they are free of venereal disease?
    a. prove
    b. proof
  4. Alberta _____ pre-marital screening for venereal diseases.
    a. is requiring
    b. require
    c. requires
  5. If you are not able to attend your wedding in person, can you _____ by proxy in Canada?
    a. mary
    b. marry
    c. merry
  6. No, it is not possible to _____ by proxy in Canada.
    a. mary
    b. marry
    c. merry
  7. Which province requires that prospective couples _____ for five days after application for a marriage license?
    a. wait
    b. weight
  8. New Brunswick makes couples _____.
    a. wait
    b. weight
  9. In which province is it stipulated that civil marriage ceremonies must take place _____ 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. in a room with an open door?
    a. after
    b. between
    c. from
  10. Manitoba has _____ open door marriage policy.
    a. these
    b. the
    c. this
  11. In _____, what is the average alimony awarded in Ontario?
    a. principle
    b. principal
  12. Usually, the wife receives one third of a husband's after _____ income.
    a. tacks
    b. tax
  13. In Canada, if a husband leaves his wife and if she continues to _____ in the house he owns, can he sell it?
    a. living
    b. live
    c. lived
  14. No, he cannot sell it because even if someone was willing to buy the house, she could continue living _____.
    a. their
    b. they're
    c. there
  15. In Canada, can a marriage be _____ if one partner is found to be sterile?
    a. annulling
    b. annullment
    c. annulled
  16. No, sterility is not an acceptable grounds for divorce or _____ in Canada.
    a. annulling
    b. annullment
    c. annulled

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