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  1. Arizona was once thought to be an ___ worthless desert.
    a. almost
    b. all most
    c. already
    d. all ready

  2. Arizona is an exciting, vibrant state ___ is growing rapidly in manufacturing and population.
    a. when
    b. where
    c. who
    d. which

  3. Arizona is ___ next to California.
    a. location
    b. located
    c. locations
    d. locators

  4. Arizona is probably best known ___ the Grand Canyon State.
    a. to
    b. for
    c. as
    d. of

  5. The Grand Canyon ___ one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
    a. is
    b. was
    c. were
    d. am

  6. The Colorado River flows through ___ Grand Canyon.
    a. a
    b. an
    c. of
    d. the

  7. Different natural wonders of Arizona ___ the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, and the Petrified Forest.
    a. included
    b. including
    c. include
    d. includes

  8. Other spectacular ___ include national parks, forests, and monuments.
    a. attract
    b. attraction
    c. attractions
    d. attracts
    e. attracting

  9. The capital of Arizona ___ Phoenix.
    a. were
    b. located
    c. in
    d. is

  10. The state flower is the Saguaro ___ Cactus.
    a. Giant
    b. Giants
    c. Bigger
    d. Grander

  11. Arizona ranks as ___ sixth largest state in America.
    a. an
    b. a
    c. the
    d. for

  12. A famous Western town ___ Wyatt Earp got notoriety as a gunfighter is Tombstone.
    a. what
    b. where
    c. when
    d. who

  13. The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum ___ animals and plants that live in the Arizona desert.
    a. looks at
    b. looking
    c. display at
    d. displays
    e. displayies

  14. There is magnificent scenery ___ the state.
    a. out
    b. throughout
    c. always
    d. often
    e. on

  15. Even though the Arizona summers are very hot, people who ___ in Arizona stay very comfortable because of air-conditioning.
    a. were lived
    b. live
    c. alive
    d. living
    e. live for

  16. People who flock down to Arizona for the winter to ___ the cold winters are called snow birds.
    a. enjoys
    b. hate
    c. escape
    d. dislike
    e. abstain

  17. Perhaps the ___ beautiful highway in America is 89A which goes from Flagstaff to Sedona.
    a. many
    b. lots
    c. plenty of
    d. most

  18. Arizona has more golf courses ___ anywhere in America.
    a. than
    b. then
    c. those
    d. this

  19. There is ___ fishing there too.
    a. many
    b. lots of
    c. lots and
    d. lot of
    e. lot and

  20. Seven national ___ cover over 11 million acres in Arizona.
    a. forests
    b. forest
    c. forrests
    d. forrest

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