State of Maine

How much do you know about the State of Maine in the USA?.
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  1. What is the capital of Maine?
    a. Augusta
    b. Waterville
    c. Bangor

  2. What is the state bird?
    a. bluebird
    b. morning dove
    c. black-capped chickadee

  3. What is the state tree?
    a. oak
    b. white pine
    c. maple

  4. What is the state insect?
    a. honey bee
    b. ant
    c. lady bug

  5. Who invented the hole in the doughnut? (Hint: he lived in Camden, Maine.)
    a. John Cabot
    b. Hanson Gregory
    c. John Popham

  6. In what year did Maine become a state?
    a. 1819
    b. 1812
    c. 1820

  7. What is Maine's tallest mountain?
    a. Old Speck Mountain
    b. Katahdin
    c. Sugarloaf

  8. Where was the first naval battle of the Revolutionary War fought?
    a. Machias, Maine
    b. Portland, Maine
    c. Bar Harbor, Maine

  9. John Paul Jones commanded a ship built in Maine. What was its name?
    a. The Vinalhaven
    b. The York
    c. The Ranger

  10. What was Maine's first colony?
    a. The Popham Colony
    b. New Brunswick
    c. Aroostook
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