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  1. Denmark is a small country in northern Europe. It ___ only about 43000 square kilometers.
    a. covers
    b. is covering
    c. has covered
    d. covered
  2. Denmark consists of the peninsula Jutland and more than 400 islands, about 150 of which ___.
    a. inhabits
    b. are inhabited
    c. are being inhabited
    d. is inhabited
  3. In Denmark no one lives more than 50 kilometers from the sea, so it is no wonder that many people ___ swimming
    a. is enjoying
    b. are enjoying
    c. enjoys
    d. enjoy
  4. The Danish landscape is flat or hilly, with no points ___ higher than 173 meters above sea level.
    a. reaching
    b. are reaching
    c. reaches
    d. is reaching
  5. The Danish monarchy is the oldest in the world. The present queen, Margrethe II, descends from the first known king, Gorm the Old, who ___ in the 10th century.
    a. has reigned
    b. was reigning
    c. reigned
    d. had reigned
  6. Since 1849, when a peaceful revolution took place, Denmark ___ a democracy, where the monarch only has symbolic power.
    a. was
    b. has been
    c. is
    d. have been
  7. Today the Danish people ___ a high standard of living with social security for everyone.
    a. has
    b. will have
    c. has had
    d. have
  8. For many years Denmark has been famous for its agricultural products, mainly bacon and butter, but today the export of industrial products ___ more important.
    a. are
    b. has been
    c. is
    d. was
  9. Because of the gentle landscape and short distances Denmark is a land of bicycles. Virtually every Dane owns one or more bicycles, and many ___ them to go to school or work.
    a. are using
    b. use
    c. uses
    d. is using
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