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  1. Nagoya is famous for long flat noodles, ___ kishimen.
    a. call
    b. called
    c. calling
    d. calls
    e. be called
  2. The World Expo was in Nagoya ___ 2005.
    a. at
    b. for
    c. in
    d. on
  3. One of the cities where sumo tournaments ___ is Nagoya.
    a. being held
    b. is held
    c. are held
  4. There are four main subway ___ in Nagoya.
    a. line
    b. lines
    c. the line
    d. the lines
  5. The Nagoya Castle is ___ the City Hall.
    a. near to
    b. near of
    c. near
  6. The Chunichi Dragons is the professional baseball team ___ Nagoya.
    a. of
    b. to
    c. into
  7. The main Toyota automobile factory, ___ many cars are made, is just outside of Nagoya.
    a. that
    b. which
    c. as
    d. where
  8. Pachinko, a popular gambling game in Japan, ___ in the Nagoya area.
    a. invented
    b. was invented
    c. were invented
    d. have been invented
  9. One of ___ popular animals in the City Zoo are the koalas, which were a gift from Australia.
    a. most
    b. a most
    c. the most
  10. Many people think that the Nagoya dialect is one of the most beautiful ___ of speaking Japanese.
    a. ways
    b. way
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Updated October 18, 2007

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