How to Make a Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern

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  1. Go to the store and ___ a pumpkin.
    a. bought
    b. buy
    c. buys
    d. buying
  2. ___ a pumpkin that has a shape that you like.
    a. Selecting
    b. Select
  3. When you get home, ___ the pumpkin.
    a. wash
    b. washing
    c. washes
    d. washed
  4. Next, ___ the pumpkin on the table.
    a. place
    b. placed
    c. placing
  5. ___ a large hole around the top of the pumpkin.
    a. Cut
    b. Made
    c. Put
  6. Put your hand inside the pumpkin and ___ out the seeds.
    a. took
    b. take
  7. Now it is time to ___ a face.
    a. made
    b. make
    c. making
  8. ___ the eyes, nose and mouth on the pumpkin.
    a. Draw
    b. Drew
    c. Drawing
  9. ___ out the eyes, nose and mouth with a knife.
    a. Cut
    b. Made
    c. Hole
  10. Your pumpkin becomes a Jack-o'-Lantern when you ___ a candle in it.
    a. place
    b. placed
    c. placing
Copyright (C) 1997 by Larry Kelly
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