Roman Numerals

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  1. What does III mean?

  2. What does V mean?

  3. How do you write 6 in Roman numerals?

  4. How do you write 10 (ten) in Roman numerals?

  5. How do you write 9 and 11 (nine and eleven) in Roman numerals?

  6. What does XV equal?

  7. How much is XXXIV?

  8. How do you write 39 in Roman numerals?

  9. What does L stand for?

  10. So LX means and XL means

  11. How do you write 100 in Roman numerals?

  12. How do you write 151 in Roman numerals?

  13. Which is greater in value: or

  14. How do you write 1000 (one thousand) in Roman numerals?

  15. How much does MCCC mean?

  16. How can I write 900?

  17. This movie is copyright MCMLXXXVII, which means ___.
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