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  1. Columbus is ___ capital city of Ohio.
    a. a
    b. an
    c. the
  2. The Rock and Roll Museum is ___ in Cleveland.
    a. located
    b. locate
    c. locating
  3. The Cincinnati baseball team ___ the Reds.
    a. names
    b. is named
    c. is the name of
  4. Ohio is located ___ Pennsylvania and Indiana.
    a. next to
    b. between
    c. below
    d. above
  5. For a long time, corn ___ been an important crop in Ohio.
    a. was
    b. is
    c. have
    d. has
    e. ever
  6. Ohio is called "The Mother of Presidents" because seven Presidents of the United States ___ in Ohio.
    a. bore
    b. were born
    c. borned
    d. have been borned
  7. Toledo, Ohio, was made famous ___ a song by John Denver as a place "where the sidewalks roll up at 5 PM."
    a. under
    b. of
    c. by
    d. after
    e. in
  8. If you're ___ in rollercoasters, Sandusky Ohio, on the shore of Lake Erie, is the place to go.
    a. interested
    b. interesting
    c. interest
  9. Dayton, Ohio is famous ___ the place where a Serbo-Croatian peace treaty was signed.
    a. to
    b. in
    c. as
    d. of
  10. Football fans know Canton, Ohio as ___ The Football Hall of Fame & Museum.
    a. the shrine of
    b. a place of
    c. the house of
    d. the home of
  11. There are ___ 100 universities in Ohio, including Ohio State University and Oberlin College.
    a. most than
    b. much
    c. more than
    d. too many
  12. The Ohio State Fair, ___ one of the largest agricultural shows in the nation, occurs in the late summer.
    a. considered
    b. considers
    c. considerable
    d. considerate
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