Idaho State Trivia

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  1. There are said to be three capitals for Idaho. Name two of them.

  2. One company purchases over 500,000 pounds of processed Idaho potatoes every day. What is the company?

  3. What is a "jackalope"?

  4. Who is the "Potato King"?

  5. Writer Ernest Hemingway blew his brains out at the family residence in ___, Idaho.

  6. What is the name of the legendary old ski resort in Idaho?

  7. What is the major wood product tree of Idaho forests?

  8. Idaho is home to many transplanted troublemaker bears. What kind of bears are they?

  9. The northern part of Idaho is called the ___.

  10. Why is the Lost River so named?

  11. The Middle Fork of the Salmon River is famous for its fishing and ___.

  12. What's the license plate slogan for Idaho?

  13. The largest lake contained entirely within the borders of one state is in Idaho. What is it called?

  14. The world's deepest ___ mine is in Idaho at over 6000 feet.

  15. Where did outlaw white supremacist Randy Weaver live?

  16. LA detective Mark Fuhrman retired to what resort community in Northern Idaho?

  17. What famous American 20th century poet was born in Hailey, Idaho?

  18. One of the most spectacular canyons in America is the ___ River Canyon.

  19. Fish over 350 pounds have been pulled out of the Kootenai River. What kind of fish are they?

  20. Northern Idaho is famous for its lake trout and for another, similar fish. What is it?
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