Ice Hockey Rules and Regulations

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  1. Ice hockey is played ___ six players on each team.
    a. from
    b. for
    c. with
  2. Ice hockey players are required to wear protective equipment, including a face mask or visor for those players under 20 ___ old.
    a. year
    b. years
    c. age
  3. ___ the begining of a match each team plays three forwards, two defencemen and a goalkeeper who stand in their predetermined places until the referee drops the puck.
    a. At
    b. On
    c. In
  4. The dimensions of the ice surface are usually 90 feet ___ 200 feet.
    a. by
    b. from
    c. times
  5. The game starts ___ the puck is dropped between two forwards in the center of the ice surface.
    a. if
    b. when
    c. whether
  6. The game allows opposing players to bodycheck ___ other.
    a. an
    b. each
    c. one
  7. The sticks ___ the players carry cannot be used to injure opposing players andcannot be raised above the shoulders.
    a. who
    b. when
    c. that
  8. A typical game is ___ by one referee and two linesmen.
    a. officiated
    b. officiating
    c. officiates
  9. Most people learn to skate before they ___ playing hockey.
    a. starting
    b. starts
    c. start
  10. There are four lines that ___ laterally across the ice surface; one thin red line at each end of the ice along the front of the goalkeeper's net, two blue lines approximately one third of the way towards the middle and a red line across the center.
    a. run
    b. ran
    c. running
  11. One of the most common calls by a linesman is the offside call. This occurs when a player crosses the opposing team's blue line before the puck ___.
    a. was
    b. does
    c. is
  12. Another common call by a linesman is icing. Icing occurs when the puck is shot towards the opposing team's side before the center red line and crosses the far red line without anyone touching ___.
    a. them
    b. there
    c. it
  13. A referee watches for infractions and ___ two minute penalties for, amoung others; tripping with the stick, holding, slashing (hitting the opposing player with the stick) or boarding (illegal bodychecking).
    a. calls
    b. books
    c. heads
  14. A hockey game is one hour ___ playing time. It is split between three - twenty minute periods and a break of 10 minutes between each period to let the players rest.
    a. for
    b. at
    c. of
  15. If the score is tied at the end of regulation time (60 minutes), ___ there is an extra overtime period of ten minutes.
    a. that
    b. when
    c. then
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