Ice Hockey Trivia

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  1. Ice hockey was first played on the frozen waters of the St. Lawrence River in the province of Quebec, Canada ___ the late 1800's.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. for
  2. The largest professional hockey league is the National Hockey League (NHL). ___ recently, most of the players were of Canadian nationality.
    a. Before
    b. Since
    c. Until
  3. The NHL ___ first comprised of six teams, now termed the "Original Six"; New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, Montreal Canadians and Toronto Maple Leafs.
    a. is
    b. had
    c. was
  4. Today the NHL has ___ to 26 teams from 6 in 1967, with franchises in both Canada and the United States.
    a. expanded
    b. expands
    c. expanding
  5. As a result of the increasing costs of maintaining teams and higher player salaries, the majority of teams are located in the United States ___ the consumer base is larger.
    a. who
    b. that
    c. where
  6. Of the four major sports in North America; basketball, football, ice hockey and baseball, a ticket to an ice hockey game would ___ the most expensive.
    a. cost
    b. be
    c. sell
  7. The average ___ of an NHL game is around 18,000.
    a. attendance
    b. attends
    c. attendant
  8. The Stanley Cup was donated by Lord Stanley of Canada 79 years ago and is awarded to the winner of the NHL playoffs which typically ___ in early June.
    a. concluded
    b. concludes
    c. concluding
  9. The team which has ___ the most championships is the Montreal Canadians who have done it 25 times.
    a. won
    b. win
    c. wins
  10. One of the most prolific player is Wayne Gretsky. He presently ___ or shares 61 scoring records.
    a. held
    b. helds
    c. holds
  11. Gordie Howe, who started playing at age 17 and resigned at 52, played the longest of ___ hockey player by extending his career through 5 decades.
    a. any
    b. all
    c. most
  12. The first European player to make an impact in the NHL was Bojias Salming ___ Sweden.
    a. for
    b. of
    c. to
  13. The ___ whose teams have won the most Olympic gold medals and International tournaments is Russia, formerly the USSR.
    a. nations
    b. national
    c. nation
  14. With more Europeans joining the NHL, the style of play has witnessed ___ fighting and physical play and instead more speed and passing plays.
    a. less
    b. few
    c. more
  15. The first NHL regular season games ever ___ outside North America was in Tokyo in October 1997 as a prelude to the 1998 Winter Olympic Games being held in Nagano, Japan. The 3 game series featured the Vancouver Canucks and the Anahiem Mighty Ducks.
    a. plays
    b. playing
    c. played
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