Saskatchewan Trivia

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  1. Before becoming a province, Saskatchewan was part of ___.
    a. Alberta
    b. Manitoba
    c. The Northwest Territories
  2. The first European to view the area now called Saskatchewan was ___.
    a. Captain Cook
    b. Henry Kelsey
    c. Jacques Cartier
  3. The first European wandered through the area in the interests of ___.
    a. the fur trade
    b. making peace with the Indians
    c. curiosity
  4. In 1875, a regiment of 300 mounted police were at Fort Walsh to ___.
    a. attract new settlers to the land
    b. end the lawlessness and illegal whiskey trading
    c. fight the Indians
  5. The Metis Indians, faced with the losing their land and lifestyle, fought back with ___ as their leader.
    a. Sitting Bull
    b. Louis Riel
    c. Red Cloud
  6. The final losing battle for the Indians was at Batoche in1885. The rebellion leader was ___.
    a. tried and executed
    b. hanged by a settler mob
    c. killed during the battle
  7. One of the Canadian government's purpose to rid the Indians of their land was to attract more settlers. However, after the Indian rebellion was put down few settlers came because ___.
    a. they were afraid
    b. the land and climate were harsh
    c. there was lots of land in the United States
  8. To attract people, the government promised ___.
    a. money
    b. free land
    c. free land if new settlers stayed a long time
  9. Saskatchewan officially became a province on ___.
    a. September 1, 1900
    b. September 1, 1905
    c. September 1, 1910
  10. Saskatchewan has rich deposits of which minerals?
    a. nickel and iron ore
    b. timber, coal, natural gas, and potash
    c. gold, silver and diamonds
  11. Saskatchewan produces ______ of Canada's wheat.
    a. 20%
    b. 40%
    c. 60%
  12. A chinook, is a ___.
    a. spear that's used for hunting
    b. Inuit name for fish
    c. an unusual warm weather front during the winter
  13. Saskatchewan has approximately _____ lakes.
    a. 1,000
    b. 5,000
    c. 10,000
  14. Saskatchewan, in land area, is _________ than Japan.
    a. smaller
    b. the same size
    c. bigger
  15. The provincial flower is the ___.
    a. tiger lily
    b. white lily
    c. dandelion
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