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  1. The state of Minnesota has two nicknames. One is "The Land of Sky Blue Waters" because ___ is what "Minnesota" means in a native American language.
    a. these
    b. those
    c. that
    d. which
  2. The other nickname for Minnesota, "Land of 10,000 Lakes," is written on the license plates of all Minnesota cars. The phrase "10,000 lakes" is false because Minnesota actually has more than 15,000 of ___.
    a. this
    b. that
    c. it
    d. them
  3. Many of the the lakes of northern Minnesota are home to one of the largest of all fresh water fish, the Muskelunge. The largest of ___ fish ever caught weighed almost 30 Kg.
    a. they
    b. these
    c. their
    d. them
  4. Hockey is one of the favorite sports in Minnesota. ___ is the home of the World Hockey Hall of Fame which is located in the northern town of Eveleth.
    a. It
    b. He
    c. There
    d. They
  5. The two largest cities in Minnesota are located right next to each other along the Mississippi River. Because ___ two large cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, are so close together, ___ are called the "Twin Cities."
    a. that
    b. they
    c. these
    d. this
  6. Every year, the Minnesota soy bean crop is huge. Much of ___ is sold to Japan to make soy sauce, bean paste and other products.
    a. them
    b. those
    c. it
    d. her
  7. Some people from the town of Lake City, Minnesota invented the sport of water skiing. ___first water skiiers used Lake Pepin which is a part of the Mississippi River.
    a. They
    b. These
    c. Them
    d. This
  8. Minnesota is far in the center of North America. The nearest place on the sea is about 1,500 kilometers away. ___ place is a part of Hudson Bay in Canada.
    a. That
    b. It
    c. Those
    d. There
  9. Except for Alaska, a part of Minnesota called the Northwest Angle reaches further north than any other state. The Red Lake Indians live there. To drive to other parts of Minnesota by car, ___ must drive through the Canadian province of Manitoba.
    a. those
    b. they
    c. them
    d. these
  10. One county in Minnesota has over 15,800 square kilometers, making it bigger than the three smallest states, Rhode Island, Delaware and Connecticut. ___ name is St. Louis County.
    a. Their
    b. It's
    c. Its
    d. Her
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