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  1. Norway is the most northerly country on the continent of Europe. Norway ___ more than 500 km north of the Arctic Circle.
    a. extended
    b. is extending
    c. has extended
    d. extends
  2. Norway has one of the longest coast lines of any country in the world. In many places the sea ___ far inland.
    a. reaches
    b. has been reached
    c. is reached
    d. are reaching
  3. Often surrounded by high mountains, these beautiful areas of water ___ fjords.
    a. calls
    b. has called
    c. are called
    d. are calling
  4. Twenty years ago Norway started pumping oil from it's portion of the North Sea. Since that time, Norway ___ the largest exporter of oil in Europe.
    a. becomes
    b. is becoming
    c. was becoming
    d. has become
  5. The income from the oil ___ to support one of the highest standards of living in the world.
    a. has used
    b. has been used
    c. was using
    d. was being used
  6. Norway has a rather small population of just a little more than 4.3 million and an area of almost 324,000 km2. This ___ that Norway is the least densely populated country in Europe.
    a. means
    b. is meaning
    c. meant
    d. was meaning
  7. Norway became an independent country again in 1905. Until that time it ___ first by Denmark and then Sweden for more than 500 years.
    a. had ruled
    b. was ruled
    c. was ruling
    d. has been ruled
  8. In recent years, a big effort ___ by the government of Norway to develop fish farms. As a result, Norway is now the worlds largest producer of salmon.
    a. is made
    b. has been made
    c. was making
    d. made
  9. Winter sports are very popular in Norway, which ___ the Winter Olympics twice - once in 1952 and again in 1994.
    a. was hosted
    b. was hosting
    c. has hosted
    d. had hosted
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