Country - Nationality - Language

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  1. He's from Brazil. He's ___.
    a. Brazilish
    b. Brazilian
    c. Brazilese

  2. I'm from Colombia. I can speak ___.
    a. Spanish
    b. Colombian
    c. Colombish

  3. She's from Russia. She can speak ___.
    a. Russia
    b. Russy
    c. Russian

  4. We're from Italy. We're ___.
    a. Italien
    b. Italian
    c. Italiun

  5. My friend is from Korea. He can speak ___.
    a. Korish
    b. Korean
    c. Koreanese

  6. Pablo is from Mexico. He's ___.
    a. Spanish
    b. Mexican
    c. Mexian

  7. Martha is from the United States. She's ___.
    a. American
    b. United Statian
    c. United Statianese

  8. My father is from China. He can speak ___.
    a. Chiny
    b. Chinish
    c. Chinese

  9. Gloria is from Puerto Rico. She's ___.
    a. Puerto Rich
    b. Puerto Rican
    c. Puerto Riquean

  10. Pierre is from France. He can speak ___.
    a. Franchise
    b. Francese
    c. French

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