Florida Facts Quiz

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  1. Mickey ___ girlfriend, Minnie lives in Orlando.
    a. Mouses
    b. Mice
    c. Mouse's
    d. Mooses
    e. Mices'

  2. Lake Okeechobee is the ___ lake in Florida.
    a. largest
    b. larger
    c. large
    d. large as
    e. larger than

  3. The Space Shuttle lands ___ Cape Canaveral, Florida.
    a. to
    b. behind
    c. upon
    d. in
    e. over

  4. The Miami Dolphin colors ___ orange and aqua.
    a. were
    b. is
    c. are
    d. was
    e. will be

  5. Hurricane Season ___ June 1, 1998 and ___ November 30, 1998.
    a. began, ended
    b. begins, ends
    c. had begun, had ended
    d. have begun, have ended
    e. beginning, ending

  6. Alligators ___ run faster than a man.
    a. can
    b. should
    c. might
    d. won't

  7. Plant City, Florida ___ the Strawberry Capital of the World.
    a. has
    b. does
    c. will
    d. is
    e. shall

  8. Manatees ___ called "sea cows". They are ___ gentle creatures.
    a. is, much
    b. are, very
    c. are, many
    d. was, very

  9. What fruit is Florida well-known for?
    a. peaches
    b. oranges
    c. rhutabegas
    d. cantalopes
    e. persimmons

  10. ___ capital of Florida is Tallahassee.
    a. A
    b. It
    c. An
    d. The
    e. Some

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