Count/Non-Count Food Partitives

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  1. Please go to the store and pick up a ___ of milk.
    a. bag
    b. half gallon
    c. dozen
    d. pound

  2. This recipe calls for a ___ of butter.
    a. dozen
    b. tube
    c. stick
    d. can

  3. My cat eats a ___ of tuna every day.
    a. can
    b. loaf
    c. bottle
    d. bag

  4. I like to drink a ___ of mineral water after I exercise.
    a. pound
    b. stick
    c. teaspoon
    d. bottle

  5. I want to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But the ___ of peanut butter is empty.
    a. six-pack
    b. jar
    c. head
    d. box

  6. I need three ___ of yogurt from the dairy section.
    a. tubes
    b. pounds
    c. containers
    d. dozens

  7. If you want coffee with breakfast, you should buy a ___ of coffee tonight.
    a. gallon
    b. pound
    c. cup
    d. quart

  8. I would like a large, green ___ of lettuce for tonight's salad.
    a. head
    b. jar
    c. can
    d. half a cup

  9. Would you like a ___ of chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
    a. half dozen
    b. pint
    c. bag
    d. can

  10. Pick up ___ of whole wheat bread at the bakery.
    a. half a pound
    b. a box
    c. a twelve-pak
    d. a loaf

  11. I need ___ eggs for the Easter egg hunt.
    a. a gallon
    b. a quart of
    c. half a dozen
    d. a teaspoon of

  12. I need a ___ of ground beef to make hamburgers for the picnic.
    a. pint
    b. box
    c. head
    d. pound and a half

  13. We need a ___ of rice to make our special chicken and rice dish.
    a. box
    b. gallon
    c. loaf
    d. teaspoon

  14. The ___ of toothpaste are located in the health and beauty section of the supermarket.
    a. quarts
    b. tubes
    c. pints
    d. sticks

  15. Pick up a ___ of soda for the party tonight.
    a. head
    b. jar
    c. bag
    d. six-pack

  16. Order ____ Swiss cheese at the deli counter.
    a. a pint
    b. half a pound
    c. a quart
    d. a jar

  17. This recipe needs a ___ of salt.
    a. teaspoon
    b. loaf
    c. six-pack
    d. stick

  18. Go get a ___ of bananas in the produce section at the front of the store.
    a. head
    b. dozen
    c. bunch
    d. pint

  19. We need a ___ of orange juice for tomorrow morning.
    a. pound
    b. quart
    c. bag
    d. stick

  20. Buy a ___ of chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
    a. bag
    b. half a gallon
    c. teaspoon
    d. loaf

Copyright 1998 by Catherine Rifkin (fricativ@mediaone.net)
This quiz is part of the HTML-Only Self-Study Quizzes which is part of Activities for ESL Students, a project by The Internet TESL Journal.