Adjectives Ending with -ed and -ing

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Sue: Hi, Jane. Have you had an (interest) day?

Jane: I've had a very (excite) day. It's my birthday today.

Sue: I'm a little (confuse). I thought your birthday was next month.

Jane No, that's my brother's birthday. Mine is today.

Sue: Oh! Now I'm (embarrass). I didn't get you a present.

Jane: That's (disappoint). But it's OK.

Sue: Now I'm (depress), too.

    Hey, I've just had a (fascinate) idea.

    Why don't we go shopping and get you a present right now? That way we can get you something really (please).

Jane: What an (enchant) idea. Where shall we start?

Sue: What about right here?

Bill: Hi, Mark. You look (tire).

Mark: I am. I'm totally (exhaust)

Bill: Why? What have you been doing?

Mark: I've been getting my house ready for the painters to come tomorrow. Now they ring me to tell me, yet again, that they can't come till next week. I'm getting very (annoy) with them..

Bill: That's (disappoint).

    I'll bet that you'll be (please) when it's finished.

Mark: You're not wrong! I'm starting to get very (bore) with all the delays.

    It's (distress).

Bill: You must be so (frustrate). When do they think they will finish painting you house.

Mark: They say that it will take about two weeks to finish. But when they will start I don't know.

Bill: Don't be too (depress).

    Just think of how (relieve) you'll be when it's finished.

Mark: That's the (frighten) thing. I'm starting to believe that it will never be finished.

Bill: What a (shock) thought.

    Never mind. One day soon you'll wake up with the (relax) thought that it's finished and you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Mark: I hope you're right.

Amy: Have you heard the (suprise) news about Alice and Ted?

Cathy: You mean about their getting married. Yes, I have. I was absolutely (astonish) when I heard about it.

    I thought it was the most (astound) thing I'd heard in a long time. They're always fighting like cats and dogs.

Amy: I agree with you. I was pretty (shock) when I heard about it myself.

Cathy: Actually, I'm (relieve).

    I was always (worry) that they would break up. Now I can relax.

Amy: What a (depress) idea.

    But you're right. That would be an (upset) thing to happen.

Cathy: Now we can all relax knowing that they will live a life of (content), (wed) bliss.

Amy: You're so right. I just love weddings. They're so (fascinate).

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