B and V Minimal Pair Quiz 1

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  1. The workmen piled all of the furniture into the moving ___.
    a. ban
    b. van
  2. A ___ is a kind of wager or staking of money on the outcome of an event.
    a. bet
    b. vet
  3. We wish you a ___ merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    a. berry
    b. very
  4. Dracula transforms from a human being to a ___.
    a. bat
    b. vat
  5. A ___ in England is underwear but in Canada it is worn over a shirt.
    a. best
    b. vest
  6. He lifted the Bride's ___ to giver her a kiss.
    a. bail
    b. veil
  7. Don't rock the ___ if you don't want to get wet.
    a. boat
    b. vote
  8. It is possible to tell the wind direction by looking at the weather ___ on the roof of the house.
    a. vain
    b. vein
    c. vane
    d. bane
  9. The area between two mountains is called a ___.
    a. valley
    b. Bali
  10. Most kitchen fans are attached to an air ___ that directs the smoke outside.
    a. vent
    b. bent
  11. As I ___ over, my pants split in the seat.
    a. vent
    b. bent
  12. It is customary to ___ deeply to show respect in Japan.
    a. bow
    b. vow
  13. Dust ___ the surface of the coffee table.
    a. covered
    b. cupboard
  14. A feminist is not always a "women's ___".
    a. liver
    b. libber
  15. ___ war was declared and the streets ran with blood.
    a. Civil
    b. Cybill
  16. Batman's ___ was the Joker.
    a. rival
    b. libel
  17. The road will ___ to the right and then go straight through the park.
    a. curve
    b. curb
  18. A ___ is more than a friend.
    a. lover
    b. lubber
  19. The symbol of peace is the ___.
    a. dove
    b. dub

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