B and V Minimal Pair Quiz 2

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  1. There is a worldwide ___ on ivory trade.
    a. ban
    b. van
  2. The ___ on the mistletoe plant is white but that of the holly is red.
    a. berry
    b. very
  3. A ___ is a large tank to contain liquid.
    a. bat
    b. vat
  4. A "___" is the short way of referring to an animal doctor.
    a. bet
    b. vet
  5. The judge decided that he could be released on a $200,000 ___.
    a. bail
    b. veil
  6. The boat sprang a leak so we all had to ___ out the water.
    a. bail
    b. veil
  7. In Japan a twenty year old is permitted to ___ , smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol.
    a. boat
    b. vote
  8. This computer is the ___ of my existence! It keeps shutting down.
    a. vain
    b. vein
    c. vane
    d. bane
  9. He is so ___ that he things that everyone is talking about him.
    a. vain
    b. vein
    c. vane
    d. bane
  10. A tight rope walker needs to have an extremely good sense of ___.
    a. valance
    b. balance
  11. One of the world's most popular forms of dance is ___.
    a. valet
    b. ballet
  12. ___ is a popular vacation destination.
    a. Valley
    b. Bali
  13. It is important to ___ you knees when you lift heavy objects.
    a. vend
    b. bend
  14. It is my solemn ___ to help people in need. I promise!
    a. bow
    b. vow
  15. Love songs are often written in the form of a ___.
    a. ballad
    b. valid
  16. Plates and glasses can kept clean in the kitchen ___.
    a. covered
    b. cupboard
  17. One of the most important of her internal organs is a woman's ___.
    a. liver
    b. libber
  18. ___ Shepherd was famous for her role in the TV series "Moonlighting".
    a. Civil
    b. Cybill
  19. Park your car next to the ___.
    a. curve
    b. curb
  20. Taxis are also known as ___.
    a. calves
    b. cabs

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