B and V Minimal Pair Quiz 3

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  1. The sudden noise made the horse ___ and run to the open field.
    a. bolt
    b. volt
  2. The X-ray results showed that he had a ___ obstruction.
    a. bowel
    b. vowel
  3. To buy liquor a twenty year old must show a ___ piece of identification.
    a. balid
    b. valid
  4. Long stem flowers look best in a ___.
    a. vase
    b. base
  5. The gall bladder produces ___ that is secreted into the liver.
    a. vile
    b. bile
  6. The shamed king was ___ from his country and forced to live far away.
    a. vanished
    b. banished
  7. As well as employing a butler, Lord Harley had a personal ___ to help him dress.
    a. valet
    b. ballet
  8. Above the curtains the cloth or wood box border is called a ___.
    a. valance
    b. balance
  9. Doctors may prescribe ___ to a person who needs to relax.
    a. valium
    b. barium
  10. A ___ is a small, short tailed animal with a thick body that is related to the mouse family.
    a. vole
    b. boll
  11. Mother Theresa received the ___ prize for peace.
    a. Novel
    b. Nobel
  12. Printing falsehood could result in a charge of ___.
    a. rival
    b. libel
  13. A victory party is a time to ___ in a team success.
    a. rebel
    b. revel
  14. First time sailors are derisively known as "land ___" by seasoned veterans.
    a. lovers
    b. lubbers
  15. ___ or original ideas are welcome in literature and science.
    a. Novel
    b. Nobel
  16. To " ___" means to travel with no definite destination in mind.
    a. rove
    b. robe
  17. He pulled one ___ out of his pocket and put it on.
    a. glove
    b. globe
  18. I want to ___!
    a. live
    b. lib
  19. A style of very fast dancing is known as ___.
    a. jibe
    b. jive
  20. Why do you always argue and ___ about where we are going for vacation?
    a. bicker
    b. vicar

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